While medical advances in treatment for HIV have progressed by leaps and bounds since Triad Health Project’s founding 33 years ago, there is still no cure for HIV and barriers to treatment remain. THP works to advance the well-being of people living with and affected by HIV, many of whom are underserved and marginalized. We are dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV in the most impacted communities through preventative health education.

Helping people living with HIV to access care and medication, our Case Management team breaks down barriers to treatment through nutrition, housing and transportation support services. We provide referrals for additional medical and health issues, crisis intervention strategies, emergency financial assistance, and more.

Prevention is key to a healthier community and THP is one of the area’s largest providers of free, confidential HIV and STI testing. Our Health Education team tests on site and in community locations targeted at reaching those most at risk for HIV. Our staff also provides information about HIV and prevention strategies to clients, partners and families, and community groups.

Fostering understanding, fellowship, and a sense of belonging, THP’s Higher Ground day center is a unique place of community for anyone impacted by the HIV epidemic. Here we serve meals to participants and provide therapeutic groups and one-on-one services, offering both structured and less formalized opportunities to gain support and assistance.

Triad Health Project remains on the forefront of ending HIV in our community, and provides people living with HIV care and support services in an atmosphere of dignity and compassion. Join us as we work together to end HIV in our community and in our world.

Triad Health Project is grateful to its sponsors