On January 1, 2000, Triad Health Project opened the doors to Higher Ground, an adopted communal retreat and resource center for people living with or affected by HIV. Originally established as a conduit for area faith communities to get involved in Guilford County’s HIV crisis, Higher Ground’s programs continue to nurture inclusive, nondenominational roots while remaining flexibly abreast of the changing “face” of HIV. Individual, civic organization and local business volunteers are a vital part of the Higher Ground community of friends.

Higher Ground proposes to be a community network where THP clients may connect with peers, volunteers, community resources, counselors, and health professionals in a nurturing, communal setting. Ultimately, for its participants, Higher Ground is a safe place … a place to explore oneself and the world in the light of the very intense journeys HIV presses upon all of us.

Located in a picturesque neighborhood near downtown Greensboro, Higher Ground offers participants:

    • Hot, nutritious, family-style lunches three days a week
    • Support groups
    • Education programs
  • Counseling
  • Traditional and alternative therapies
  • Artistic, spiritual, and therapeutic workshops
  • Recreational activities

Monthly calendars are available by mail. If you would like to be added to our calendar mailing list or are interested in providing a lunch or service for our Higher Ground community, please contact Chase Hanes, Community Manager of the Higher Ground day center, at 336-274-5637.

Higher Ground Calendar