On January 1, 2000, Triad Health Project opened the doors to Higher Ground, an adopted communal retreat and resource center for persons infected or in any way affected by HIV/AIDS. Originally established as a conduit for area faith communities to get involved in Guilford County’s HIV/AIDS crisis, Higher Ground’s programs continue to nurture inclusive, nondenominational roots while remaining flexibly abreast of the changing “face” of HIV/AIDS. Individual, civic organization and local business volunteers are a vital part of the Higher Ground community of friends.

Higher Ground proposes to be a community network where THP clients may connect with peers, volunteers, community resources, counselors, and health professionals in a nurturing, communal setting. Ultimately, for its participants, Higher Ground is a safe place … a place to explore oneself and the world in the light of the very intense journeys HIV/AIDS presses upon all of us.

Located in a picturesque neighborhood near downtown Greensboro, Higher Ground offers participants:

    • Hot, nutritious, family-style lunches three days a week
    • Support groups
    • Education programs
  • Counseling
  • Traditional and alternative therapies
  • Artistic, spiritual, and therapeutic workshops
  • Recreational activities

Monthly calendars are available by mail. If you would like to be added to our calendar mailing list or are interested in providing a lunch or service for our Higher Ground community, please contact Mark Cassity, Director of Higher Ground day center, at 336-274-5637.

Higher Ground Calendar